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Hello. I'm glad you dropped by. I'm a storyteller. Sometimes I tell my stories in person, to groups of all kinds. Stories of culture, heritage, customs, of the universal nature of the human experience which sounds like a huge mouthful, but is really very simple. Stories of travel, of politics, of love, of life. Sometimes I write them in books. Sometimes I make radio programmes. And often I make television programmes. Because I live in Ventry, I am interested in telling the stories of the Irish speaking people who live in this tiny enclave on the edge of the wild Atlantic, and the stories of their brothers and sisters who have migrated across the Atlantic or across the Irish sea. They are unique, and at the same time, they resonate with rural people everwhere from Seattle to Mongolia. And arts and literature are another set of stories I love to tell. "Rince ar Phár", "Dancing on Parchment" is a television series about modern literature in Irish which I am proud to have produced and directed.

If you have any stories you would like me to tell on your behalf, or would like to share with me, please contact me.

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Latest Activities

TV Documentary:

You might look at RINCE AR PHÁR, a documentary on modern literature in Irish - a groundbreaking series, currently on TG4, or you will find it on TG4 player. It is, I think, one of the best things I have done, and the researcher, Róisín Ní Ghairbhí is totally brilliant....

Fearaibh Fionntrá / Men of Ventry

Last chance to see: John Holstead, who loves family, fishing, and sculpting: see his wonderful Egg of Ventry. And Harris Moore who owns the only woolly mammoth in Ireland - and much besides. Dave O"Shea has great memories of his youth, and enjoys his life in the US - he still has the suitcase he came with (it was almost empty, but now he lives in a lovely New England house, and he has memories of mad donkeys, sea rescues, clipping a poor woman's whole garden of flowers..... 

Ventry is emptying. Generations have been lost to emigration, the men of Ventry have scattered, and are still scattering all over the globe. But in recent times there has been a new and welcome phenomenon: people are moving in to Ventry. People of talent and skill, people of competence, humour and culture. The Men of Ventry television programme gives us a brief glance at some of those who have gone and at some of those who have come. 



due for publication by Futa Fata 2013. A bilingual book, bringing the wisdom of Irish folklore to a new, broad audience.

Two Birthdays

In preparation, a book like Bibeanna: Memories from a Corner of Ireland. Two Birthdays tells the stories of women who left Ireland for the United States in the middle of the last century. Leaving Ireland with minimal education, poor or no English language skills, and no familiarity with urban life, these women have managed enormous changes with composure and dignity. They made a success of a new life, and while remaining fundamentally Irish, they are fiercely proud citizens of the United States. Their experience both breflects and differs somewhat from that of emigrants from many countries.

Speaking engagements:



I am always delighted with suggestions and ideas for new projects.

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